What Young Families Should Look For In A Home

Happy Family Day To Everyone!

Happy Family Day To Everyone!

It’s Family Day in many cities in Canada, including in Calgary where I live with my wife and daughter, so Happy Family Day to my family and the many others all over Calgary and elsewhere in Canada who are celebrating today! But it’s a regular work day for me, so I was thinking that to pay tribute to this day, I’ll talk about family in this post — particularly young families, of which we have many in Calgary! One question that these families, often first-time home buyers, ask is, “What should I look for in a home?”

Before you set your sights on that new home, there are a number of important factors that you should consider. These factors have to do with both the home itself and the area where the home is located. Only by doing so will you help make sure that you’re making a wise decision with both your money and the time and future commitment of your family members.

Is it safe?

Safety is a prime concern of all people, but it is much more important for vulnerable chlidren. Make sure the area you’re moving to has an active government that keeps a tight lid on crime and puts a premium on law and order. Check out public records, and go around the community and try talking to people to see if you’ll feel safe and welcome. As for the house itself, is it child-friendly? For example, does it have a steep staircase? Is the play yard fenced?

Is there a good school in the area?

Among the most important factors that a family with young children should consider when looking for a home are the kids’ schools. Are there good schools in the area? If you plan to live there for some years, check out not only the elementary school, for example, but also the middle school and high school. There are Canadian school ratings available online that make it easy for parents to know if their children could get the education all children deserve in the area they’re planning to move to.

Is the location good?

Another important factor to consider about any home is the location. When shopping around for either the home of your dreams or a starter home (whatever the situation may be), keep away from heavy traffic arteries and power lines. Consider also the area where you work and its proximity to the neighborhood you’re looking at. Can you easily and quickly get where you want to?

Is the house sellable?

Regarding the house itself, one of the most important factors to consider its sellability. Younger families are highly likely to move up in time. A house that might be perfect for young families with small children may not be suitable anymore when those kids get a little older or if that family grows. Take a look at the configuration of the house and all of its features and find out if you could sell it in the future if you needed to. You’ll also want to consider the condition of the home and how long that home has been looked-after.

Are your finances stable?

Finally, always consider your finances very carefully before making any type of decision with regard to the home you’re trying to purchase. Don’t over-buy and get yourself into trouble financially.  Always consider not just your current financial situation but also the one you expect to have in the future, as well. Don’t purchase beyond your means and you will likely do just fine.

Buying your first home is a truly exciting time, but nothing beats living in a home that you’ve chosen well based on these five tips above!


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