Somerset Real Estate: Demographic Profile

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If you are looking at purchasing a home, it is important for you to consider the demographic profile of the entire neighborhood. You may think you have found the perfect home; but if you later see something wrong with the community or later feel you do not fit in, you will not be happy with your move and will most likely decide to move again sooner than you had planned to. Here’s a quick introduction to the people in the Somerset neighborhood — see if they’re the right fit for you.

A Young and Growing Population

Somerset is a new and still-developing community that is now also one of the younger communities in Calgary. Children’s laughter certainly fill the air, and about seven out of 10 people are 44 years old or younger, with families making up 87% of the population. Young families are drawn to Somerset because it is in the southwest, and it is affordable and only a short trip to all the fun places in the city.

Stable Neighborhood

Though the geographic area of Somerset is relatively smaller than that of other neighborhoods in Calgary, the average home price is above $300,000, nine out of every 10 homes are owned, and most homes are relatively new — built in the 1990s and well-maintained. Seven out of every 10 homes are single-detached, two are apartments, and the rest are townhouses and low-rise condos.

Do you now feel you know the people of Somerset better and that you and your family will be happy purchasing Somerset real estate? I invite you to do better; come over and let me introduce them to you in person! There is nothing like looking people in the eye, talking to them, and sharing an activity or two with them to make you know for sure if, indeed, they are your kind.

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About Glenn Good

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