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Glenn Good

Dear Prospective Home Buyer or Vendor:

        Glenn Good was highly recommended to us by friends when they realized that we would be moving from Hamilton, Ontario.
        We contacted Glenn two weeks before we were to arrive for a three day intensive "house search" trip. Glenn determined what price range, features, age, style, area of the city (and so on) that we wanted. Then he and his secretary went to work.
        By the time we arrived for the three days, Glenn had personally visited 60 homes. He had recorded the color schemes, the condition of the carpets, the updates, the positives, the negatives and many other aspects of a house that you just don't get out of MLS® descriptions. He had rated these houses on his personal scale of 1-10. His personal write-up on each of these homes, along with lots more information, was waiting for us in an excellently organized folder. For those three days, Glenn's organization, efficiency, patience and pleasant personality made a demanding task a pleasure.
        When we settled on the house for us, Glenn presented our offer with skill and wisdom. He negotiated a tremendous deal for us. His after sale service has been excellent as well.
        From the beginning to the end of the Real Estate process, Glenn has not been just Good...he's been great! I highly recommend Glenn with enthusiasm to anyone engaging the Real Estate Market.

Stan Reeder
Senior Minister
First Church of the Nazarene
Hamilton, Ontario

Dear Sir or Madam:

        I am pleased to have the opportunity to give a referral for Glenn Good,.  My home was for sale for over 15 months. Several REALTORS® had the house listed. This experience allowed me to see the difference in work ethics of different people. Therefore, this realization allows me to honestly give Glenn FOUR STARS for his effort and accomplishment. There was no other REALTOR® that came close to the professionalism, honesty and hard work that Glenn Good showed.
        I would guarantee that Glenn Good would excel at any endeavor he was to undertake, in any area he chose.

Val Swenson
Courtney, B.C.

Dear Glenn:

         Now that the dust is settled, I thought I should write to thank you once again for your splendid efforts on our behalf concerning the sale of our home...  We'd been in that home for over 15 years, so you can imagine that the prospect of putting the property on the market, packing up all that we'd acquired through the years, including two children somehow turned into teenagers while we weren't looking, was a very daunting prospect.  We also had to cope with my wife Judy having to be in her new job in Kingston during the entire process.
         So I can say unequivocally that your diligent research, your attention to detail and your constant support at the very least probably saved my sanity,  Thanks Glenn, for a job well done.  Without hesitation I have, and will, give your name to anyone thinking of buying or selling property.

William Fisher
Stage West

        I have known Glenn as a friend and business associate for over 21 years. In that time, I have had many contacts with Glenn through my own business and have been able to appreciate his admirable work ethics.  I find him hard working and very easy to deal with.  He has a way of grasping issues very quickly and is understanding and compassionate with his clients' needs.
        My years in the business world with Glenn have been a blessing and a pleasure.

Ross Lizotte
Lizotte and Associates Real Estate Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta

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