Arriving At Your Calgary Home


Calgary Moving Information


Just prior to and also during the arrival time in Calgary, there is a chance that you may overlook something. Therefore, we have formulated checklist for this period as well.

  • Make sure all of your new Public Utilities are notified when to start service. Telephone, gas, electric,
    and fuel oil need a minimum of five (5) days notice for service.

    For connections:

    • Telephone 1-800-361-3311(24hours)
    • Atco Gas  245-7551
    • Epcor Energy  310-4300 toll free in Alberta,
    • or 1-800-677-4674 elsewhere
      Enmax Energy  310-2010
    • Telus  310-2255
    • Shaw Cable  716-6000
  • Have your stove serviced – if gas, check the pilot light(s).
  • Have your refrigerator, automatic dishwasher and television checked.
  • Ask the mailman for your mail, as he may be withholding some until your arrival.
  • Check the pilot light on the hot water heater and furnace.
  • Have your new address recorded on your driver’s license.
  • Visit city offices and register for voting.
  • Make banking arrangements to transfer your accounts to Calgary.
  • Establish local charge accounts.
  • Register your children in 1 new schools.
  • Contact the newspaper, dairy etc., for home deliveries.
  • Select a new doctor, dentist pediatrician, etc.
  • Contact your lawyer ( re: possible revisions of your will).
  • If you purchased a home, have locks changed and most important of all, obtain adequate insurance coverage
  • Obtain necessary licenses including driver’s, automobile, pets, recreation vehicles, etc.
  • Notify police if your new ho will be vacant prior to your arrival.
  • Notify alarm company change of ownership, if your new home is equipped with alarm system.
  • Register your car(s) five days after arrival to avoid possible penalties when applying for new license plates.

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